The American Blacksmith

Propane Forges

Patty Smoot and a Pro-Forge

Pro-Forge at Work

Pro-Forge showing end ports                       Adam Clark and the Pro-Forge

       My own favorite Ladysmith and my Goodwife, Patty Smoot, is caught torturing a hot mild steel rod on a Peter Wright anvil - and yes, those are pink leather Lady-gloves  she is wearing. In the background is the Pro-Forge and two propane tanks. The next image shows the side ports of the forge. Side ports are a necessity in doing blacksmithing. The last image shows Adam Clark with the front door of the forge open. Adam is our teacher, mentor, and friend. He is a master metalsmith although he won’t admit it - and yes, that is a pink shirt Adam is wearing.
       These small portable propane fueled gas forges are much used by modern day farriers and many blacksmiths. These propane type forges are made by Forgemaster, NC Tool, and others. Many farrier supply houses stock gas forges.

A Forgemaster